Franz Huber's Program Projects


Last Update: 20.7.2015


  • ChestUCI v5.2
    probably the world´s best and fastest matesolver ( Chest-Homepage )
  • PopeyeUCI v1.7
    special matesolver for non-orthodox problems ( Popeye-Homepage )
  • MaterUCI v3.2
    simple matesolver (modified & improved version of 'Mater' by V.Albillo)
  • ChestUCI-DB
    most recent version of ChestUCI-database (6620 mate problems)


  • Somofi v8.0
    my original Solar/Lunar-Eclipse program (German, DOS-version!)
  • WinSomofi v8.1
    improved current Windows version of Somofi (English, 6.5MB!)


  • TVM-Calc Pro 2015   (Updated!)
    The ultimate program for Time Value of Money & CashFlow calculations!
  • LinOpt v6.0
    Linear Optimization program (Simplex-Method, with multiple solutions!)
  • DateCalc v1.2
    Tool for Date calculations (Date/JDN, Date infos, Days between Dates ...)